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Digital Targeting using Banner Ads
will Enhance Mail Response Rates

What is Digital Targeting

Digital targeting ads have become a popular tool in the marketer’s arsenal, providing a way to enhance the effectiveness of direct mail postcard campaigns. These ads work by displaying banner ads to users who receive a postcard from you.  The beauty of digital ads is that they can be tailored to specific audiences, allowing you to target users based on their demographics. You will reach prospective customers with your brand or product as they browse the internet.

This is what a typical banner ad looks like on a computer.

Digital banner ads can populate on various devices, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones. This allows you to reach users across multiple channels and platforms, ensuring that your business will be seen, regardless of where the user is browsing. When it comes to enhancing the effectiveness of a direct mail postcard campaign, digital retargeting ads can be an effective tool.

How does Digital Targeting work

Digital targeting ads work because they combine a direct mail postcard campaign with digital ads.  Here is how it works.  We decide on the demographic of who want to receive your postcard.  Then we purchase a mailing list that meets your criteria. Then we place a small piece of code, called a pixel, on your website. We use the mail list to find the IP address for that address.  Then we start delivering your banner ads on a random basis to those addresses. They will see between 9 and 15 ads during the month of your mailing campaign.

Your digital banner ads will be seen before your prospective customer even gets your postcard.  We like to say “repetition builds trust.”  This means, even if a potential customer doesn’t click on the banner ad, when they get your postcard, they are more likely to pay attention to your message because they saw the banner ad.  So, your response rate increases dramatically.

How much does Digital Targeting cost

In terms of cost, the actual cost per impression can vary depending on several factors, including the target audience, the ad placement, and the platform used. However, on average, the cost for digital banner ads ranges from .02 to .03 cents per impression.  Combining digital ads with a direct mail postcard campaign, will help boost engagement and drive traffic to your website, increasing the effectiveness of both your direct mail postcard and your banner ads.

In summary, digital targeting ads provide a powerful way to enhance the effectiveness of your direct mail postcard campaign, allowing you to reach users across multiple devices and platforms. By tailoring your ads to specific audiences, they are more qualified and more likely to become a customer.  And combining digital ads with a direct mail postcard campaign can maximize the effectiveness of your advertising efforts and increase your ROI.

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