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Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Our direct mail marketing gives you a competitive advantage over your competition. We only target potential customers who provide the highest conversion probability, bringing you high returns on your direct mail marketing campaign. Don’t waste your valuable marketing dollars on other marketing schemes when you can directly target your potential clients with an eye-catching direct mail postcard.

Direct Postcard Marketing

Postcard Wizards offers high-quality custom 4×6 inch postcards to bring new clients to your business. Our postcard direct mail marketing service is one of a kind. Our postcards are printed on thick 14pt cardstock paper. We offer a wide variety of different options for your direct mail marketing postcards including size, colors, coating, and more. We create effective postcards for your direct mail marketing campaign that best matches the service or product that you offer. Postcard Wizards takes pride in the delivery of our direct mail marketing postcards. Our postcard mailings can be highly targeting to send postcards only to potential clients who are in your target market. We deliver your direct mail marketing postcards on time and on your schedule. We let you pick the day that your postcards are sent out to potential customers.

Direct Mailing Lists

Mailing lists often bring terrific returns on investment, some have even seen returns of up to 24,000%, yes, you read that correctly. Our direct mailing lists can be customized to meet the needs of any industry. Industries for our direct mail marketing campaigns include attorneys, home repair, medical fields, photography, and many more. The first step is to create the mailing list that includes only potential customers that are most likely to convert. We work with you to narrow down the demographics by age, gender, income level, zip code, neighborhoods, and more to bring the highest returns on your direct mail marketing campaign. We can even create mailing lists based on people’s interests for your direct mail marketing campaign. We include you in the graphic design process of your postcard to create the perfect postcard for your business and industry. We take care of the rest, including printing and shipping your postcards to the people who will have the highest probability of conversion.

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