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Custom Postcard Service Options

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There are two main ways that we can serve you. We can offer you our full services or we can simply print and ship your postcard or flyer to you to distribute as you see fit.

Full Service

Full Service means that we take care of everything for your marketing campaign. You select the specs of your card or flyer, if you would like for us to get you a targeted mailing list or if you would like to upload your own, and from there we take care of the printing, ink jetting, mailing list, postage, and all of the back end logistics. We keep you updated on the number of postcards you have going out, what areas have been targeted, and we even let you know when to start expecting phone calls from your new prospects. This is an extremely efficient way to get all of your marketing pieces in the hands of your customers in a quick and timely manner, and it ensures that you are able to spend your time focusing on your business instead of worrying about how to market it. Our primary goals are to get your business quality leads and to make sure that marketing your business is stress free, simple, and effective. In order to give you the satisfaction of knowing that you got exactly what you paid for, each and every mailing will also come with a 3602 Form (proof of mailing from the USPS).

Printing and Shipping

Printing and Shipping is another way that we can get your marketing materials to you. In this scenario, you simply pay to have your cards printed up and shipped to you. From there, you can send them out or drop them off as you please. This is a great way to get your postcards or flyers in your hands quickly if you are looking to hand them out, drop them off in neighborhoods door to door, or send them out to select homes or businesses in your area. Each of these jobs also comes with a 3602 Form (proof of mailing from the USPS).