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Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists often bring terrific returns on investment, some have even seen returns of up to 24,000%, yes, you read that correctly. Our mailing lists can be customized to meet the needs of any industry. Industries could include attorneys, home repair, medical fields, photography, and many more. The first step is to create the mailing list. We work with you to narrow down the demographics by age, gender, income level, zip code, neighborhoods, and more. We can even create mailing lists based on people’s interest. We include you in the graphic design process of your postcard to create the perfect postcard for your business and industry. We take care of the rest, including printing and shipping your postcards to the people who will have the highest probability of conversion.

Mailing List Return on Investment

Mailing out postcards or other mailing tools with mailing lists often bring hard returns on investment which typically manifest themselves in sales. Mailing lists also offer an intangible return on investment. You get to show your brand to people who are in your target market who are more likely to convert further down the road because they recognize your name and your brand. You are much less likely to get the person who is not in your target market and doesn’t recognize your brand. You will see a higher return on investment on your mailing campaign with mailing lists than you would without a mailing list. This applies to both tangible and intangible returns on your investment. You will see more sales because the only people who will see your ad are people who are within your target market. Your target market can be broken down to age, gender, income, location, parents or non-parents, marital status, residence or business, and more. The same is true for the intangible returns on investment, you can get access hundreds or thousands of people within your target market for under a quarter per person.

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