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Residential EDDM

Mailing Lists with EDDM

Targeting Residential Customers by EDDM

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) is exactly what it sounds like. It means that all we have to do is select a target area, and once we have that, a postcard will be sent to EVERYONE within that area. EDDM does not take into account if people are renters, home owners, in apartment buildings, etc. It is sent to every address that the post office has within the given routes. For this reason, EDDM tends to have a much cheaper price per card compared to other types of mail, however, you end up spending more money overall because you have to send out so many more cards, many of which are going to people who have no use for your business/product. For that reason, we recommend using targeted mailings. You will have a higher price per card, but your overall price for your marketing campaign will be lower.

Expert Direct Mail Advice

As a Postcard Wizards client, you will have a Postcard Wizards Marketing Expert assigned to you as your campaign manager who will work closely with you to develop the most effective campaign for your business. We listen to you to create a profile of your business’s most lucrative customers based on a wide variety of factors, such as age, household income, location, and lifestyle. We then use our exclusive database of consumer information to create a mailing list that directly targets households, businesses, or individuals who match the criteria for your ideal customer.

Custom Designing, Printing, Mailing – We Do It All!

When you choose Postcard Wizards, you choose to have one of our skilled design wizards work with you to create an custom postcard design for your business. That’s all you have to do! From there, we handle the printing, mailing, and logistics while keeping you closely informed about the status and timing of your campaign. We keep you updated on the number of postcards you have going out, what areas have been targeted, and we even let you know when to start expecting phone call from your new prospects. In order to give you the satisfaction of knowing that you got exactly what you paid for, each and every mailing will also come with a 3602 Form (proof of mailing from the USPS).

The Postcard Wizards process has been carefully perfected by years of experience in the industry, exceptional customer service, and exclusive consumer data. Our proven direct mail process allows us to construct unique customized campaigns for each client with remarkable accuracy and efficiency.