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Postcard Products and Services

Postcard Products and Services

Postcard Wizards offers a variety of postcard products for use in a variety of marketing ventures. All of our postcard products are available in full-color printing on all of our postcard products. All of our postcard products are customized for your business’ individual brand and other needs for your business. We print our products on quality card stock paper to express the professionalism of your company. Postcard Wizards takes pride in our quick turnaround time for our flyers that are either to you or out in the mail within two weeks of being ordered. Through our mailing service, we can narrow down the mailing area to your customer demographics.


Postcard Wizards offer high-quality custom 4×6 inch postcards to bring new clients to your business. Our postcard direct mailing service is one of a kind. Our postcards are printed on thick 14pt cardstock paper. We offer a wide variety of different options for your postcards including size, colors, coating, and more. We create effective postcards to best match the service or product that you offer.

Postcards with Mailing

Postcard Wizards combines our premier postcards and exceptional mailing list service. We help you create a mailing list to target the residential areas or businesses that will yield the return on investment. We pair our mailing list with our postcards that are individually designed to create a postcard that attracts the eyes of potential clients. These two services are great on their own but combined they are second to none.

Website Development

Postcard Wizards offers premier website development to direct potential clients to with postcards. A good looking and well-designed website can help convert those customers who were on the fence about your business. We take pride in our website development and the creation of custom websites to match the qualities that your business provides. We discuss in depth with you about what you want your website to look like and encourage you to find other websites that you would like us to emulate. Our website development services allow you to focus on what separates your business from the rest while we take care of your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Postcard Wizards offers premier search engine optimization services to get your website found on Google and other search engines. What’s the point of having a great looking website if nobody ever sees it? This is why search engine optimization is so important, we optimize websites so that you will get ranked on the first page. Postcard Wizards draws as many people who are interested in the products or services offered to your website, so you can find as many new clients as possible. Through SEO, you can achieve better rankings, increased traffic, and ultimately more customers.


In certain situations, you need more marketing space than a postcard can provide you. Maybe someone has requested more information than you can fit on a postcard. You also cannot show high-resolution photos of your products or services on a postcard. But you can do all of these with brochures. Our brochures are full 8.5” x 11” page allowing for a larger amount of marketing space to show potential customers what you do. You can choose a brochure that is bi-folded (folded in half) or tri-folded (folded in thirds) to make the brochures fit easily in mailboxes.

Business Cards

Even in the new digital world, business cards are still very important. For one, exchanging business cards with someone is a personal experience that encourages the other person to follow up with you later. Whereas exchanging information digitally has little to no personal feel, resulting in a lower likelihood of the person following up with you. Which is why at Postcard Wizards, we pride ourselves on offering affordable business card printing and creation solutions for all businesses, small to large. Business cards are great for growing your network and growing your business.

Door Hangers

Door hangers from Postcard Wizards allow you to give people the opportunity to notice your business without risking a postcard getting lost among all of the mail people receive. With a door hanger, people to have a choice but to notice your advertisement. Some door hangers are faded or improperly designed, whereas door hangers from Postcard Wizards are glossy and pressed on premium paper to create a professional and attractive look to catch the eye of your potential customers. Our door hangers are fully customizable to match the needs of your company and your brand.


Your flyers are a representation of you and your business, a flyer allows you to pass something around to create brand awareness around your business. Flyers are especially great for new businesses to get people in the door for the first time. Postcard Wizards will work with you to develop an attractive flyer to catch the eye of new customers. Flyers are great for well-established companies as well, flyers help to keep your company on the top of minds of your customer base. Postcard Wizards offers services to help you to develop high-quality flyers to attract the eyes of potential clients.

Pocket Folders

Pocket folders or presentation folders can be utilized in a variety of different ways. They are most commonly used by businesses, educational institutions, promotional events, seminars, training events, and more. Pocket Folders are an important, cost-effective marketing tool. Pocket folders allow you to efficiently transfer documents between departments or hand over important documents to other companies.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists often bring terrific returns on investment, some have even seen returns of up to 24,000%, yes, you read that correctly. Our mailing lists can be customized to meet the needs of any industry. Industries could include attorneys, home repair, medical fields, photography, and many more. The first step is to create the mailing list. We work with you to narrow down the demographics by age, gender, income level, zip code, neighborhoods, and more.