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In certain situations, you need more marketing space than a postcard can provide you. Maybe someone has requested more information than you can fit on a postcard. You also cannot show high-resolution photos of your products or services on a postcard. But you can do all of these with brochures. Our brochures are full 8.5” x 11” page allowing for a larger amount of marketing space to show potential customers what you do. You can choose a brochure that is bi-folded (folded in half) or tri-folded (folded in thirds) to make the brochures fit easily in mailboxes.

Why Choose Brochure Marketing?

Direct mail brochures take direct mail marketing to the next level by giving you more space to put more information on the page without needing the cover of an envelope. Potential customers will perceive you as a credible company. Many people expect credible companies to have printed marketing such as brochures. Brochures are also able to save a lot of time by allowing your potential customers to read about your company in their leisure time without you needing to do it yourself. In this case, giving them a brochure is often better than directing them to your website because it adds a level of personal touch. You can create your brochure to add to other forms of marketing including other direct mail, online promotions, and can be used as a tool for your salespeople.

How to Create an Effective Brochure

The first thing you need to know is what your potential customers want. You need to develop your brochure from the reader’s point of view. Your brochure should be created in a way that answers your reader’s questions as they go along. Your brochure should answer all of the questions that a potential customer will ask before giving you a call or making a conversion. Your cover page should also motivate the reader to look further inside the brochure to learn new information. Show off the benefits of your product or add thought-provoking statements. Be sure to describe your product in a way that your readers can understand. One way you can do this is by creating lists of your products, what they do, and describe the benefits of your product or service. Finally, you should make your brochure encourages readers to keep the brochure or pass the brochure on to other potential customers.

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