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Pocket Folders

Pocket Folders

Pocket folders or presentation folders can be utilized in a variety of different ways. They are most commonly used by businesses, educational institutions, promotional events, seminars, training events, and more. Pocket Folders are an important, cost-effective marketing tool. Pocket folders allow you to efficiently transfer documents between departments or hand over important documents to other companies. Presentation folders also make good first impressions, the folders cultivate a professional look that helps you to present yourself as an expert in your field. Pocket folders allow you to build your brand building a custom folder that showcases the core aspects of your company. Our pocket folders include:

  • Two pockets to keep 8.5” x 11” papers tidy
  • Business-card slot
  • Beautiful, glossy finish

Marketing Tool

One of the most underrated uses of pocket folders is its marketing use. Pocket folders are a great personal marketing tool when you see someone, but they can also be used in a similar way to postcards or brochures. You can send presentation folders to your mailing lists to make a strong statement increase the chance of a conversion. Pocket folders are great for maintaining current business relationships by showing them the professionalism of your company.


Pocket folders help to increase efficiency both in and outside of the office. Pocket folders make transferring documents from the accounting department to HR quicker and more efficient. There is no need to worry about whether or not your documents will get lost in the process, the documents stay safely tucked your pocket folders

Strong First Impressions

Presentation folders show the professionalism of both you and your company. Clients will be impressed to see your logo on the folder and your attention to the little details of conducting business. Also, when you had out information after a meeting, you know that the information will be retained inside the folder and that your final impression is just as good as your last.

Building Brand Awareness

This aspect of presentation folders is especially important to new businesses or businesses who branching to a new location. As previously stated, these folders showcase the professionalism of your company, yourself, your employees, company values, and other characteristics of your business that you want to display.

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