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Welcome to Postcard Wizards!

Custom Postcard Designs

Full Color Printing, Mailing -We Do It All!

Let us work our magic to give you a one of a kind, completely customized postcard marketing campaign!

With Custom Postcard Marketing Campaigns from Postcard Wizards, you get:

  • An effective and affordable way to market your business
  • Unparalleled service through our direct mail postcard marketing
  • A Postcard Wizard who works directly with you to customize your marketing piece to your unique needs
  • Extremely affordable pricing– Nobody will beat our prices while providing you with the same high quality products and services

There are two main ways that we can serve you. We can offer you our Full services or we can simply Print and Ship your postcard or flyer to your location to distribute on your own. Learn more here!

Pricing Sheet-Postcards Only

Number of PostcardsPrice of Printing*
 100 $114
 500 $154
 1,000 $201
 2,500 $588
 5,000 $640
 10,000 $833
 15,000 $1,058
 20,000 $1,423
 25,000 $1,532
 50,000 $1,653
 75,000 and up Please call for pricing on quantities of 75,000 and greater

*The pricing above is for printing. It does not include postage, shipping, mailing lists, ink jetting or design. Call for full pricing

Full Service Pricing Sheet

Number of PostcardsFull Service Price-Printing, Postage, Mailing List, Ink Jetting and Custom Design Included*
 1000 $905
 2,500 $1,855
 5,000 $2,521
 7,500 $3,472
 10,000 $4,204
 15,000 $5,921
 20,000 $7,790
 25,000 $9,331
 30,000 $10,967
 50,000 $17,220
 75,000 and up Please call for pricing on quantities of 75,000 and greater

*The pricing listed above is Full Service Pricing, and it includes printing, postage, mailing list, ink jetting, and free custom design

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